• Veg - Vegetarian Lasagne, Black Olive-Tomato Concasse 
    Veg - Pumpkins and Green Asparagus Risotto Lime Confit, Carry Leaves and Grilled Pistachio 
    Veg - Ricotta, Sundried Tomatoes and Artichoke Tortelloni, Chunky Ratatouille Vegetable, Pistou Emulsion 
    Imli Chutney Curried Black Pomfret Filet Cook in Papillote
    Pan Seared Snapper Filet, Braised Leeks Fish Bay «Beurre Blanc»
    King Prawns Ravioli, Lemongrass Emulsion
    Chunky Grilled Peppered Kingfish Pavé, Coriander Steamed Cauliflower, Tandoori Creamy Tartare Sauce
    Black Pomfret  Zephir Poached in Lemongrass & Clams Broth, Buttered Potatoes and Leeks Fondant
    River Crab and Fresh Turmeric Tortelloni, Carry Patta Emulsion
    Red Wine Chicken Stew like Burgundy, Tournée Cut Vegetables
    Honey & Tamarin Roasted Pork Piccata, Chinese Cabbage and Shitakee Stir Fry, Curry Cream, Roasted Juice
    Goan Sausage Lasagne, Mullea Bhaji
    leaf_img    Vegetarian dish