• First tastes

    Being second-generation restaurateur from Normandy, France, I have been fond of food early in my life.

    Sweet smells, colourful ingredients and playful flavours coming out from my grandma’s kitchen triggers what today is my passion: cooking. I would always follow her around eager to find out more of her culinary secrets.

    From my parents, I learn to convert my passion into action. The vibrant daily life of their restaurant, working there on holidays stimulates me and this is how I decide to go to Hotel Management School in Strasbourg.

  • Travel and discovery
    At the age of twenty, I am lucky enough and have the pleasure to collaborate in several Michelin starred restaurants in France, in the US and in Ireland. These experiences open my eyes to the beauties of high standard cuisine.
    Keen on tasting different flavours, I begin a hypnotic journey through the world.
    Memories about getting fresh crab from local fishermen in Chile, adventuring street food in Hong Kong, bargaining spices in a Moroccan souk and tasting tapas from the Basque country nourishes my today’s work.
  • Inspiring India
    In 2005, I begin a new stage in my life by moving, along with my family to India.
    Goa was the chosen destination. Rapidly the enigmatic essence of Indian cuisine melted with the refine classic French techniques turn into a Fine Dinning concept: Le Poisson Rouge.
    With the time a new idea comes to my mind inspired by the Parisian cafés. It is the beginning of Om Made Cafe, a lifestyle café with organic produce.
    These initiatives lead me to cater private events and to collaborate as restaurant consultant in several projects. In a place of constant changes and open to international ways, I enjoy everyday new challenges and stories.
    Moreover, it is a pleasure to be living India’s great awakening and to contribute to it.
    Let the journey continue…