• Flavours are the essence of food and as soon as you introduce an edible thing into your mouth…what are you looking for ?...to fell the pleasure of experimenting it!

    The memory of taste stays forever as a landmark and somehow, you will always be hunting that very first sensation you had one day.
    I believe that when you enjoy what you eat, it cannot be better. As French Chef Raymond Oliver used to say: "Quand c'est bon, Il n'y a pas meilleur !"

    Salty, sweet, sour or bitter.... I like them all. These four sensations are natural components within all gastronomic culture and have brought complexity and diversity to the way people have created different dishes around the world.

  • Gregory's way of cooking
    I'm attached to flavours and gourmandize.
    I keep in mind that cooking should bring emotion and give pleasure to my guest anytime, anywhere!
    From classical dishes to open fusion affair, I express my sensibility of taste while cooking with generosity and respect for my ingredients. The right combination of techniques, simplicity and endless creativity brings freshness and delicate flavours to your palate.
    As a chef, I do recommend to use as far as possible, locally or organic grown vegetables, take pleasure by following the season, and keep in mind, good healthy food comes only with fresh ingredients!
  • Gregory's favourites
    Favourite smell: ripe fruits fragrances
    Favourite sound: the sound of action in the kitchen
    Favourite dishes: the next one who will come out of my mind
    Favourite dessert: one from childhood: la crème au caramel
    Favourite mantra: add love in your food