• The service of consulting is designed for restaurants, cafés,
    hotels, that wish to increase their efficiency or develop their image.

    We have developed a methodology comprised of three stages. In
    order to give a concrete result, the team follows a comprehensive
    process. Consulting services are provided on the whole Indian territory.
    What is concretely our offer?
    Diagnosis – Finding out your strengths and weaknesses
    Kitchen engineering – Setting up a kitchen or organizing it to gain
    in efficiency.
    Creative and Culinary Development – Creating a new carte
    Training staff – Teaching your staff, new techniques to gain time
    and improving quality
    Quality Audit – Check up for quality of your service, raw material and dishes
    Support to Brand improvement – Matching the brand image with
    Supply Chain Management - Gaining time in the production chain
    Supplier Sourcing – Teaching how to choose good raw material
    Cost Reduction - limiting the waste of products, gaz, … and also time
    Food stylish - Dishes display